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Case Studies

NodeSense implemented many solutions for partners and factories. Few project use cases are listed below

Water Information Management System

For a State Government of India, part of Smart City project, built a solution for collecting data from Water Distribution, Storage and Transmission lines

Gas Distribution Network

Commercial and Residential Gas Meters Data Acquisitions, Analytics, Device Management.

OPC DA and OPC UA Products

OPC DA and OPC UA Products developed and sold by NodeSense adapted by largest refineries, Petro chemical companies, waving a path to Industrial IoT and Digitization

Energy Solution for Aluminium Plant

Energy Usage Insight for Aluminium, Fabrication Industry

Vacuum Furnace.

Furnace Monitoring, Alerts, Energy Usage for South India’s largest furnace manufactuer

Dual Fuel Kit Generator Monitoring

Dual Fuel Kit Generator Monitoring for the OEM manufacturer who supply Dual Fuel Kit Generators across India

Automobile Spare Parts Factory Digitization

Leading auto mobile spare parts manufacturing company wants to digitise the manufacturing process, NodeSense platform deployed to scale the digitization process.

OEE for Automobile Light Manufacurer

 Implemented Assembly OEE and Machine productivity solutions for Light Manufacturer