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Industrial IoT Platform

NodeSense is an Industrial IoT Platform and provider of End to End Device, Process and Analytics integration.
We provide plant-wide digital transformation through Data Acquisition, Historian, Device management, Customization, Configuration, Visuvalization, Analytics and managed services. Guided by the mantra, “making complex things simple,”, “Don’t Repeat Yourself”, we use industrial proven solutions and standards, open source, open connectivity, on-premise, cloud solutions to help plants and factories achieve a strategic Digitization vision, improve plant performance, and reduce production cost, predict equipments and performance.

IoT & Digitization

Have a plant with SCADA & HMI

You have reached 50% of Digitization landscape, NodeSense can make use of your existing infrastructure to complete the 

Data Acquisition

Acquire Data from PLCs, MT-Connect, Industrial Protocols, OPC DA, OPC UA Interfaces.


Stream and Batch Data Analytics, process the data in milli-second latencies, process batch data from KB to GB with Analytics Engine

UX Design

Design Reports and Apps for specific customers with proven framework for app development, scaling mobile, desktop and web use cases


Designed for Interoperability, Standards, follows all best practices defined in Industrial and Process Domain 


Store data into any RDBMS, read/write from numerous data sources with standards, ODBC, JDBC, APIs, custom protocols


Support 100+ types of data integration, Data Flow, protocols supports


Industrial IoT means customization with respect to process, regions and products. Our customization will save cost by 10 times.


Who doesn’t love handy apps?  Get your metrics and statistics delivered over Mobile and Tablet devices


Build Mobile Apps for iOS, Android, Web, access data over secured backend with role, permission, group based restrictions enabled, share and protect the with in the environment. Apps works anywhere, our app framework would allow to build applications in rapid fast manner. 

Open Standard

We use HTML, JavaScript, CSS for building Hybrid Mobile app, that is scalable for Web, Mobile and Tablet devices, reduces the cost 70% compared to Native Applications build in dedicated applications. Our apps also works in Desktop environments sharing 80% code base between Mobile, Web and Desktop environments giving you 80% cost savings.

Rich Dashboards

Who doesn’t love rich, interactive dashboards, many graph panels, charts, awesome  tables, 

Rich and Intuitive dashboards will give more insights about ones process and flow, alerts.  

Return On Investment

Innovation doesn’t need to hurt your economy, add debts

Innovations brings cost savings, new ideas with smartness. NodeSense adapt the framework that Don’t Repeat Yourself, your are not the first to see the problem and pay to solve the problem. We have solved many problems and having standard solutions, you save your money.

NodeSense Team build our Industrial IoT applications with in 2 months!

We have used NodeSense platform for 2 Auto mobile spare parts production company, 1 steel plant and a Rice Mill, we could able to prove the values with in 1 to 2 months period.

Sales Manager, System Integration Company