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Industrial IoT Ready to Go Live?

NodeSense offer Industrial IoT Platform with Data Acquisition, Storage, Historian, Data Flow and Integration, Data Movement, Web and Mobile Apps.

Rapid Fast IIoT solutions

Process, Water, Energy projects

Save Cost by monitoring assets, use existing SCADA, HMI systems

Don’t reinvent the future, NodeSense platforms are designed to scale up your existing tools and setup, without hefty reinvest. NodeSense platform provides features which suitable for tough economy.

Our Products

We have Analytics, Visuvalization, Data Flow and Conversions products, that will helps to connect to your existing SCADA

Smart Monitoring

End to End Smart Monitoring

Energy Management

Energy Management Solutions


Per month


Per Year

Support, Tools, Enhancement

Our development team understand process requirements, helps you to start the monitoring, by setting up infrastructure, custom development, brings up the product less than $1500, continue enhancement, maintenance, dev ops, runs solutions 24/7.

Ready to Save an 1000% on Your Industrial IoT Solution?

We must be having a ready made, customisable solutions for your requirements, you don’t need to setup development team and invest heavily on tools and development

How It Works

Don’t Repeat Yourself. Don’t start from 0 to build IoT solution yourself.

Fully Equipped

We have complete toolsets.


Your problem is not  the one in world


We may have solved your problem already.

What You Get

End to End Application, deployed for consumption

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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